ARC Review: The Retreat by Sherri Smith

I’ve been on a real murder mystery kick lately. And this book delivered oh so well. Katie is a former child star whose money is quickly drying up and has been going through a rough patch due to a tasteless tweet she’s made. She decides it’s time to get away to her energy re-aligned and to get her energy re-aligned. Joining her are her two best friends from college, Carmen and Ariel, and her stuffy soon to be sister in law Ellie. 

This getaway happens to be at a new age wellness retreat where the uh treatments are waaay out there. The couple running it are in my eyes very peculiar and the guests run from the normal to the what in the hell is going on. Right away we can sense discord amongst the group and when a member ends up missing…the fun begins.

This book had me from the start and was a wild roller coaster until the VERY end. At times it felt a bit campy sort of like an 80s horror movie but you know what it worked and I really enjoyed it. There are some heavy topics at play here but the author conveys the emotion very very well and handles it as sensibly as one can. I was not expecting the ending but I did predict some of the plot but I am a mystery junkie and nothing really shocks me anymore. like I I thoroughly enjoyed this and my only true complaint was that I wish it were longer and we had a bit more of a resolution for some of the other campers at the retreat! When you read it you’ll find out what I mean 😉

Thank you very much to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for this honest review.

💜💜💜💜 4/5 rating

Add it to your next read here: The Retreat

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