Series of the Week: The Royal Diaries Series by Various Authors

I usually do a series of the week every Friday 🙂 Click here and here to see my last two!

My family moved around a lot when I was younger something I always always hated. What kid wants to uproot their entire life and find new friends every school year? I was painfully shy too so that was just terrifying for me lol.

When we moved to Virginia Beach in my 8th grade year, I loathed it of course. MIDDLE SCHOOL IS HELL. But when I entered high school I had somewhat adjusted. The school had a cool policy where in the morning during the announcements you could go to the library and take out books if you wanted SO OFC I WOULD DO. It was there I met them…The Royal Diaries Books.

Besides English, History is my favorite class. I love learning about the past especially learning about women of the past. It’s fascinating and it’s imperative for us to know all of us history. Not just the watered down bits that they teach us that they think we should know.

The Royal Diary Books are middle grade/young adult books and each feature a woman in power such as Cleopatra, Nzingha warrior queen of Matamba, Anastasia, etc. They’re fun and quick reads and most certainly had me hungry to read more about these women and the eras in which they lived in.

Um, also the books are super cute and have gold pages? Hello, chicness??

Thanks for tuning into another Friday installment of my Series of the week y’all!

Click here to add The Royal Diaries to your next TBR list!

Have you ever read The Royal Diaries? If so what did you think?

6 thoughts on “Series of the Week: The Royal Diaries Series by Various Authors

  1. Omg I still have cleopatra sitting on my bookshelf!!! It’s the only one I bought. I read Elizabeth I and Anastasia as library books but I had to own Cleopatra

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